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Airport Chauffeur

Airport Chauffeur

Car Charter Service 

Car Charter Service

 JCar, Drive For You 

JCar team is dedicated to lead our industry by offering excellent service, superior professionalism and ethical behavior. J-Car team will provide a stress-free car rental experience with better knowledge, caring and passion for customers worldwide.

JCar team is working as one cohesive team from the smallest unit to the organization as a whole. J-Car team will deliver great service at a great price that shows our customers that they received the best car rental value. Special deals for your car rental services. One call away!

{ Safety }

  • There is no accident record for every driver for the last 5 years.

  • Each driver has a "Police Clearance Certificate".

  • Each passenger has passenger insurance.

{ Comfortable }

  • Not yellow cab

{ Profession }

  • Drivers have more than 3 years driving experience.

  • No increase in price, no detour.

Airport Chauffeur 

Drop Off

Original : NTD 900 up
Offer : NTD 800 up
Taipei or New Taipei City


Original : NTD 1000 up

Offer : NTD 900 up

Taipei or New Taipei City

Markup Area

+NTD 100

  • Danshuei District

  • Xindian District

  • Wenshan District

  • East Lake District

  • Nangang near Xizhi District

+NTD 200

  • Yangmingshan area

  • Shenkeng District

  • Xindian Mountain area 

+NTD 300

Keelung City: (according to the actual distance adjustment)

  • Renai District, Xinyi District,

  • Zhongzheng District, Zhongshan District,

  • Anle district, Nuannuan district,

  • Badu area, Qidu area, Wudu  area


  • The above discount will not be applied during special festivals. The additional fare will be necessary.

  • For example: consecutive holidays, New Year's Eve, Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve to the third day, during the typhoon (according to the Central Meteorological Agency announcement), etc.

  • Please contact us for the real price before booking the service.

  • The above deals can not be applied at the same time.

Car Charter Service 

4 Hours

Orginal: NT$2500 up

Offer:NT$2000 up

8 Hours

Orginal:NT$4500 up

Offer:NT$4000 up

more ...

any schedule or pricing

Please contact us

Note - 1

  • NTD 400 per hour for overtime.

  • The about price is limited in Taipei City, New Taipei City and Keelung Area only, please contact us if your area is out of these.

  • The above deals are based on the 4-passenger car and driver-related driver-related expenses, including the drivers' meals.

  • The additional charges will be necessary for the vehicles road/bridge toll fee, highway toll fee, parking fee and etc.

  • ​This price is just for trip charter.

  • Please contact us for over 5-passengers.

Note - 2

  • Please contact us direct at +886 90-8383-066(or 987-850-385) and Line@  for the service if you need the car in 12 hours.

  • We have the right to decide to carry the order not (including the credit car prepay). We will contact you as soon as possible if we cannot execute the order. Thank you!

  • You can reschedule the location for better trip. Please contact us for the remote locations / multiple locations request.

  • 24-hour service is available. 

Contact Us 


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ID : AlexPan623

  • Booking Hot Line #1: +886 90-8383-066 (Mandarin or English)
    Booking Hot Line #2: +886 987-850-385 (Mandarin or English)

  • Be sure to use [Online Booking], and join the above LINE@ or WeChat for appointment as both parties.

Credit Card Pay 


Note : Credit card pay for orginal price only

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